The AdvanTex AX15

The natural choice for wastewater treatment


Quality Treatment, at a Competitive Price

Orenco’s AdvanTex® AX15 is a completely pre-packaged “plug & play” AdvanTex® Treatment System that installs as easily as a septic tank. Its simplified design reduces costs for excavation, installation, and O&M, giving you quality wastewater treatment at a competitve price

AX15 tank.gif


All-in-1, Pre-plumbed System

The AX15 combines all tanks into a single, shallowly-buried unit. All interior components are installed and adjusted at the factory, saving install time and costs on site.



Ideal for Repair/Replacement of Failing Systems

Many existing septic systems are at the end of their useful life. The AX15 can replace a failing system in a fraction of the space and cost.

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Clear, Odorless, Re-Usable Effluent

The AX15 produces the same, great “re-use” quality effluent produced by all AdvanTex® systems; so the treated effluent can be re-used for subsurface irrigation. A responsible, green solution to house hold water and wastewater needs!


Low Power Costs, Low Maintenance Costs

Average power costs for the AdvanTex® system are $6 to $8 per month, that’s less
than $100 per year. Maintaining the system is easy, when the system is installed you are supplied a maintenance contract. When you system is due for service, the maintenance company will contact you to arrange a suitable time and date, you don’t even have to be

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