Residential wastewater management


The AdvanTex® wastewater treatment system is the ideal solution for onsite residential wastewater treatment. The AdvanTex® is a recirculating textile filter, using low-energy turbine pumps and a bed of hanging synthetic textile sheets to treat the wastewater. Micro-organisms living in the textile media digest the organic matter to provide consistent high quality effluent, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The effluent produced by the system is recommended for sub-surface irrigation. Above-ground irrigation may also be allowed with UV disinfection.

Why use the Advantex® system?

•    Noise free – No loud machinery running 24 /7    

•    Low energy – No power hungry blowers working all day and night    

•    Odour free – No awful smells to live with    

•    Intermittent use – Ideal for holiday homes    

•    Robust – handles high loads for a period (e.g. parties, guests staying, xmas)    

•    Proven – Over 20,000 systems worldwide    

•    Chemical free – Uses UV light for disinfection (where required)    

•    Visual appeal – Everything hidden away under green (or brown) lids    

•    Low maintenance – Few moving parts, easy to maintain, approved service providers    

•    Telemetry – available for complete monitoring and peace of mind    

•    Warranty – Lifetime on biotube® effluent filter, 5 years on pumps, 3 years on all others       

It's only natural

The AdvanTex® uses completely natural processes to treat the wastewater, no matter what flows are coming into the system. The passive processes ocurring in the system take place during periods of high activity or when no-one is home.

The system is also ideal for holday homes and weekenders thanks to this natural treatment method, and power costs associated with the system are a fraction of competing technologies.




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Now approved in Victoria, NSW, Queensland, SA and WA

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"We put a lot of time into looking for the right system, one that would accommodate our current situation and our plans to extend our family home.  After much research and talking to endless people we believe we made the right choice going with Innoflow. The system is low maintenance, extremely quiet and of the highest quality.  We’re also impressed with the professional customer service we have received during our dealings with Innoflow, something that unfortunately is lacking in today’s society."

S & M Mohammad, Annangrove, NSW

"Our section was a difficult one to deal with. But I can say the innoflow people were very professional and very organised and installed a lightweight high quality fibreglass system. The system they put in for us is quiet, clean and inconspicuous.”

P. Donaghue, Palmerston North.