Denitrification of wastewater

It is becoming increasing common among regulators and local authorities to reduce nitrogen pollution by placing nitrogen limits on wastewater treatement plants.  Introducing external carbon sources for denitrofication becomes necessary for wastewater treatment plants to meet the very stringent effuent nitrogen limits. 

What is MicroC™?

MicroC™ premium carbon sources are manufactured wastewater treatment chemicals developed by Environmental Operating Solutions Inc. These are designed specifically for use as electron donor carbon sources for wastewater denitrification applications.  
MicroC™ is a completely non-hazardous product and contains only renewable agricultural components.  MicroC™ has a freezing point of -6.7C.

Why Choose MicroC™?

Methanol is currently the most widely used carbon source for wastewater denitrificationMicroC™ offers an attractive alternative to the hazardous, increasingly expensive, and energy intensive methanol
  • Health & Safety, methanol is highly flammable and toxic, unnecessarily increasing the health and safety risk to treatment plant staff, facility users and nearby communities. MicroC™ offers a safer alternative to methanol.
  • Environmentally sustainable, MicroC™ is manufactured in the USA, derived from plentiful renewable resources. Every 4 litres of MicroC™ used (instead of Methanol) saves the energy equivalent of providing electricity for 0.7 US households per day.
  • Cost effective, a plant requiring a denitrification upgrade can potentially avoid the capital outlay related to costs involved with explosion proof chemical storage and distribution.

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