Decentralised Wastewater Treatment

Innoflow Technologies design, supply, install, and provide ongoing service and maintenance of quality wastewater equipment for decentralised wastewater applications.  Innoflow offer a number of options for commercial wastewater treatment.  This is dependant on several different factors, of which can include; average and peak flows, influent characteristics, sensitivity of site, treated effluent quality required, end use of treated effluent, future planning, and current infrastructure available.  A site may require planning for some or all of the above mentioned factors, and the design may vary greatly from site to site but the process for treatment using AdvanTex® is the same proven, cost-effective, reliable solution.

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 Jacks Point - Queenstown

AdvanTex® Treatment

Following the septic tank (primary treatment) stage, liquid effluent will usually require secondary or advanced treatment.  The  AdvanTex®  system treats the effluent using a packed-bed media filter.  This passive,reliable process requires minimal energy to trickle effluent over the media bed.  Traditional sand filters are still used in some situations, however the AdvanTex® media filter, comprising of engineered textile sheets provides more surface area  than sand to enable the growth of micro-organisms.  The textile sheets also provide more open space for the movement of oxygen.  In comparison, a single 2400 x 5000mm AdvanTex® AX100 treatment pod can treat design flows of 19,000 litres per day of residential strength wastewater, the equivalent would require 93 square metres of sand filter.  The AdvanTex® treatment systems consistently produce high quality effluent at low operational cost, even with varied flow and waste strength.  The treatment pods are modular and can be installed to mat ch stages of co nstruction.    

AdvanTex® Treatment Options

In some cases the AdvanTex® AX20 (residential sized system) may be appropriate for a small business or commercial site.   A residential subdivision development or small community may require a STEP/STEG system. A  large commercial site,  for example a campground or school could investigate using the AdvanTex® AX100 commercial treatment pods in conjunction with new or existing septic tanks, or the new AdvanTex® AX-MAX unit.  For the mining industry the AdvanTex® AX-Mobile is the solution.

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 The new AdvanTex® AX-MAX
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